Artwork by Neil Drury

Art Exhibitions:

2017    Oxfordshire Museum Woodstock, Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot

2016    Oxford Jewish Community, Jericho, Oxford; Gallery Jessica Dove, Ilfracombe, Devon

2015    Villa Warda, Marrakech, Morocco; Staircase Gallery, Jericho, Oxford

2014    Oxford Printmakers, Radley College; Staircase Gallery, Jericho, Oxford

2013    Gallery Jessica Dove, Ilfracombe, Devon; Treberfydd House, Brecon, Wales;  Covered   Arts, Covered Market, Oxford;   Little Gallery, Broad Canvas, Oxford

2012   Waterperry 'Art in Action', Oxon;  Woodstock Visual Arts Festival, Oxon;  Social Sciences Institute, Oxford

2011   Wolfson College, Oxford

2010   Cuckoo Lane Studios, Freeland, Oxon;  Oxfordshire Artweeks

2009   Inspires Gallery, Oxford;  Art Jericho, Oxford

2008   Oxfordshire Artweeks

2007   Jennifer Gerrard Gallery, Abingdon, Oxon; Saunders Rare Prints, High Street, Oxford;  Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London.

2006   Sewell Arts Centre, Radley College, Oxon;  Jewish Community in Oxford, Oxford Synagogue;  The Gallery Upstairs, Henley-in-Arden, Oxon.

2005   Museum of Oxfordshire, Woodstock, Oxon;  Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London; National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham; West Oxfordshire Arts Centre, Bampton, Oxon.

2004   Innocent Fine Art, Clifton, Bristol; Liscious Interiors, Banbury Road, Oxford;  Bel Sito Gallery, Venice, Italy.

2003   Castle Arts Centre, Northants;  Canal Street Studios, Oxford; Liscious Interiors, Banbury Road, Oxford.

2002   The Chocolate Factory, Stoke Newington, London;  Pierrepont Fine Art, Folly Bridge, Oxford.

2001    Bell Fine Art, Winchester.

2000    Christ Church Picture Gallery, Oxford.

1999    Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon;  Innocent Fine Art, Bristol.


Other earlier exhibitions at: Ice House, Holland Park, London; Museum of Garden History,  Lambeth, London; Pastel Society, Mall Galleries, London; Swan Theatre, High Wycombe; Christies' Contemporary Art, Summertown, Oxford; New Contemporaries Gallery, Penzance; Tresco Art Gallery, Isles of Scilly.


Artist's Resume:

Background: I was born in Ramsgate on the Isle of Thanet -  the easternmost corner of England. There is not a time when I don't remember drawing and painting what I saw around me – the rich colours and textures of coastal flora and fauna, portraits of family and friends, everyday life in a seaside town.


Education: A handful of A levels, including Art, led me to read English at Oxford, all the while continuing to draw and paint to please myself. This was my training. I then took up work as an editor in art and educational publishing, before changing from words to pictures and becoming a full-time artist and art teacher in the early 1990s.


Art: I have now been working as a full-time artist for nearly twenty-five years. Most of my art pieces centre on natural or imaginary worlds, conjured from echoes in my vision or mind's eye. There is a marked emphasis on form, colour and line as their central components. Recently my tendency has been to move more towards more abstract statements, serving both to refine and expand my fields of expression.


I try to make all my pictures rich visual experiences; I draw a lot of inspiration from colourist painters, particularly Matisse, Redon and Klee. I personally find the combination of natural forms, vibrant colour, and expressive line and texture a constant challenge and delight: it is a constant challenge to invent, express and confirm a visual idea – a process that never grows any easier; it is also a delight to create in the hope of achieving something lasting – some small expression of truth made out of colours and paper.


Mediums: In the past I have created a lot of pieces using watercolour and gouache, both for their luminous and transparent qualities, and also because of the expressive fluidity of the mediums. Over the years, however, I have also grown more and more fond of pastel, which I found to be a rich, dramatic medium, capable of infinite subtleties of line and texture. I enjoy using pastel in combination with other mediums, and for some time now I have been using it in tandem with printing techniques, notably monoprinting.


Each monoprint is an unique image. It is produced by painting with oil-based inks onto a metal or plastic plate and then running this plate through a hand-cranked roller press. The resultant image is basically a printed and unique painting which cannot be editioned – unlike most other printing techniques. This process was used by Rembrandt and also more recently by Matisse, Degas and Picasso. I like the 'painterly ' image that the process facilitates and the fact that I can alter the image on the plate until I am happy with it – and only then commit it to paper. The same amount of alterations would not be possible with an ordinary water or oil-based painting.


Teaching: For over twenty years now I have been teaching and lecturing in my subject, and also sometimes about my own work. I hold frequent workshops on colour and compositional theory, as well as life and figure work, portraiture, printmaking and art history. I have also done a lot of botanical painting instruction. My teaching experience has been mostly with adults ( but also with teenagers and young children), both in classroom/workshop surroundings, museums ( such as the Ashmolean in Oxford) and galleries, and also with travelling groups abroad, ( mostly in Italy, France and Morocco and on architectural and landscape painting trips). I have taught watercolour for Oxford City Council, general art practice at the Oxfordshire College of Art and Design in Banbury, and also A level at tutorial colleges in Oxford. I am currently teaching Life Drawing and Portraiture at the Sunningwell School of Art near Abingdon, Art History and general art classes at PotatoTown Studio in Great Tew, and Monoprinting at Oxford Printmakers' Co-Operative.


Please contact me for more information or to book an appointment to see more of my work at the Staircase Gallery or to discuss a commissioned piece.